Odstock Parish Council

Dear Councillor,

The Annual meeting of Odstock Parish Council is scheduled to be held following the Annual Parish Meeting which will commence at 7:00pm on Monday, 14 May 2018 in the Nunton Recreation Field Pavilion.

The Agenda will be published at www.sp5.org.uk/odstock/opc/ three clear days before or reasons given for cancellation thereof.

Yours faithfully,

R P Parsons - Parish Clerk - Tel: 01794 341405 - www.sp5.org/odstock/opc/ and www.sp5.info/odstock/opc/

OPC is ready to accept nominations for the vacancy of one Parish Councillor in good time for the Annual OPC meeting on 14 May. Please respond to opc@odstock.info before 4pm on Friday, 4 May...

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This Annual meeting of ODSTOCK PARISH COUNCIL is on

MONDAY, 14 MAY 2018 at about 7:15pm


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